Some would be scantily clad if only clothed in humility.”
Author unknown.

Inspiration indeed comes from many places. The above quote was displayed on the local church billboard. It’s not original, but it’s great.

Humility is a virtue. It is a value. It is a moral construct. It is also woefully absent in today’s world.

Webster defines humility as a modest or low view of one’s own importance. How many people do you know that act in accordance with this?

It’s difficult today. We live in the “selfie” era. The age of “look at me”. Social media has created an atmosphere of constant exposure, of the creation of celebrity, which is merely the status of being famous for being famous. No merit requested or required. We measure our worth by the number of followers we have, many of them not unlike followers…I follow you in hopes that you will follow me.


I find myself wanting to reach out to some people and tell them to “get over themselves”. Explain to them that I know who they are, what I want to know is what do they do? Do you contribute to society at large or do you use society to contribute to you? The least accomplished generation is also the most documented.

I am a firm believer that our deeds define us. I believe in Service. I believe that we are, in large part, here for the benefit of each other. Sure, some cynic will ask, “if we’re here for others than what are others here for”. That is when I am forced to amend it and say, “we are here for each other.”

I used to be an enormous follower of Ayn Rand. Her philosophy of Objectivism appealed to my conservative sensibilities. She taught that man is innately a creature of reason, craving accomplishment and achievement. She consequently dismissed the less accomplished in our world as victims of their own choices and should be left to pull themselves up and only then will they be worthy. I broke with her on this. By that logic, screw the addict, screw the homeless and screw anyone else who made a mistake in life. She called for the embracing of selfishness. While I do understand what she meant, that we owe it to ourselves to chase our own happiness, she neglected to touch on the value-added proposition of the achievement felt when helping someone. Most especially those that have nothing to offer you in return. I have experienced this and it is an achievement indeed. It made me a better person.

Today, people will step over a bleeding body in the street. They will film a person getting beaten and bullied and not attempt to help. The “hits” on the YouTube video matter more than helping another human being. They will blame the media, the video game, the music of the era but will never acknowledge that they only care about something in relation to how it affects them. They would be naked and cold if only clad in their humility.

Chase your goals. Work towards your dream. Achieve and accomplish. But remember that as you climb the ladder it is important that you remember not to kick on the way up what you may have to kiss on the way down. People are not stepping stones, they are our fellow residents on this earth. Our deeds are forever, and they are how we are remembered. The best deeds are anonymous ones, they are the embodiment of charity. It doesn’t matter how many people know what it is that you did…you’ll know. If someone finds out, be humble. Think less about yourself and more for others.

Think of your upcoming funeral. Will someone say, in hushed tones, “I can’t believe there are so few people here, she had a huge Instagram following and thousands of FB friends.”

Stay humble and fully clothed my friends, it’s worth it in the end.

43 thoughts on “Humility”

  1. If Ayn Rand and Alan Watts’ philosophies were somehow able to be meshed together in all of the best ways, oh what a delightful thing that would be. Two of my faves!! I am exactly with you where her views and my own start to split.
    Listening to many of Alan Watts’ lectures on the other hand, in my humble opinion should be required coursework in public high schools before these kids get out in the “real” world, entitled, ignorant and ready to join ANTIFA like they are about to go to battle in the fucking Crusades.

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      1. Amen brother!! Alan Watts has a ton of amazing lectures on you tube on all sorts of topics. My brother turned me on to him and I’m so very grateful that he did. If you get a chance to listen to a few let me know what you think. I absolutely love him and his philosophy.

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      2. I think you’ll really like him.
        I just bought one of his books because I’ve gleaned so much perspective listening to his lectures.


      3. What did you think about what you did listen to? Do you think his style and philosophy is something you’d be interested in?
        Read my blog I just posted, you’ll be delighted with the excessive profanity within it😂

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      4. I think you will. Our views on his subject matter are very similar. That’s why if you weren’t already familiar with him I thought you might like to check him out. I’m about to buy a compilation of all of his lectures and books in e-book form. I NEVER get tired of listening to him and that’s saying a lot with my ADHD, easily distracted ass!!


      1. You should submit it as a manuscript. It’s a guaranteed NY Times best seller….but you’re the type of person (in only the best kinds of ways) that wouldn’t care one whit if it were😊


  2. What a coincidence–I saw a sign this morning that looked like it said Ayn Rand, and I was like, “I wonder what exactly her philosophy was” and here we are. I agree with you completely, and I was just saying to Ken last night that the media here in Canada would gladly watch the country burn for another click. It’s terrible that so few people have any kind of integrity anymore.

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    1. I have a license plate bracket on my truck that says “who is John Galt”. Every once in a while someone will honk at me as they pass and I know why.
      Google it, John Galt is the hero we need today

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  3. I’ve never really understood the selfie thing, always hated having my photo taken. Trying to live by ‘do as you would be done by’ and ‘pass it forwards’; not expecting returns from who you help.
    I must admit this blogging thing is fun though, although I’m sure half my followers aren’t real people!

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  4. This is a really thought provoking post Billy. I am also a fan of Objectivism because I believe in individual responsibility but I do agree that the pleasure found in helping others is a rare reward :O) x

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  5. Creatures of reason, craving accomplishment and achievement, dismissing those that have nothing to give them in return. Nothing tangible, material, that is. That’s what the majority boils down to today. Pathetic.

    My best friends don’t own cars, don’t have houses, they’re struggling financially and emotionally but what they have given me is immeasurable. We are different but have one thing in common – we’re humble, modest, thankful and helpful.

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing, Billy, for being this kind of person (so rare to find these days) and for being my friend.

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