Welcome to an unapologetic, unfiltered look at life through my eyes

The name Superman can’t find a phone booth has a history. Through various phases of my life, I have been dubbed the moniker “Superman” in good and bad contexts alike. I have always tried to save the day. I was always able to stay up late, get up early and get through the day. But the most recent incarnation was when my wife, frustrated at my failure to stay at home, feel sick and dwell on my illness, chastised me for my stubbornness and said “Ok Superman! Do what you want, you’re bulletproof I guess!”

It wasn’t her fault, I was being stubborn. Not feeling sick is the key to feeling healthy. As I continue to deal with chronic illness, I continue to look at the bright side. All so that I can tell my story.

A little about me:

  • I care more about who I inspire and less about who I offend
  • I have a warped and poorly controlled sense of humor but for some reason, people find my outlook “refreshing”.
  • I am a broke philanthropist.
  • I will never, ever put fruit in my beer.
  • I value quality over most anything
  • I am constantly in search of the meaning of life.
  • I am obsessed with my legacy.
  • I love saying hi to people, it visibly throws them off.
  • After I speak people often say “I never thought of it that way”.