What’s your Superpower?

Up next on the “Never gonna happen but it’s fun to think about” list is…
“What would be your Superpower?”

It is only fitting that Superman would ask this question but bear in mind that of all of my Super abilities are really of no great help to me in achieving satisfaction (would lingerie-penetrating X ray vision count towards my happiness?…you decide).

There are several things that I wish I could control, a lot involve a re-do or reboot of sorts but I have learned that to do certain phases of my life over I would not have certain things that I cherish, my family for example. And for all of my misdeeds they have had the positive effect of making me into the person I am today. I kinda like who I am now so I will table the redo.

This is by no means number one on my list. Of course healing the sick and feeding the poor are certainly noble pursuits that I wish I was capable of, let’s call them a given. But the thing that has become a true passion of mine is the preservation and love of wildlife.

I wish that I could cause violent, explosive diarrhea while driving on anyone who shoots big game. How small is your dick that you need to slaughter a noble and beautiful elephant, giraffe or Tiger?

I wish for anyone who abuses animals to be locked in a room with a Televangelist and a Lawyer as they debate politics for a week with no food and water. After that, I want them shot.

I want to be the “animal whisperer”. I’m the guy at the party sitting on the floor with the dog. I wish that every dog would love me. I wish that no animal feared me. I wish that I could bear hug a Bear, roll around with a Lion, scratch the whiskers of a purring Bengal Tiger, cuddle a racoon and slide down an iceberg with an Emperor Penguin. All with no fear for my personal safety. I want to tell them that they will be ok, and be able to assure such a thing.

I know it’s silly, but my love of animals domesticated and otherwise is a passion and my heart breaks daily at what they are subjected to.

What’s yours? I can’t wait for your feedback…

28 thoughts on “What’s your Superpower?”

  1. Whatever power I could think of would not be nearly as noble as yours. I wish for the power to make your power available and real. And Steve’s, too. And hell, Kim’s as well. I’ll bring a bucket to pick at her money tree here and there like I pick at my neighbor’s lemons.

    If I have a power it is the power to adapt. In relaxing situations I relax like no other. In a room of full revelry, I revel loudest. In times of stress, I am calm and focused. In irrational arguments I maintain rationality. To each situation, I adapt. Sometimes for good and sometimes for ill, for there are always situations when it is best to stand against the prevailing flow and not adapt. In those situations, I could be a stronger man.

    If I could have one power, one not possible, it would be the power to spread enlightenment. To cut through the bias and selfishness of modernity and allow others to see the path to a greater humanity, one I see in the future that encompasses your dream and that of Steve’s above. There is a better world to be had, and I wish I had the power to reveal to all that it will come.

    That, and I have always thought it’d be really cool to fly.

    Another great topic, compadre. May all your dreams come true.

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    1. Amazing response Tom. This topic generated some really great dialogue. That in itself is a lost super power.
      I really like your superpowers, but as a reader of yours I’ve known about them for some time

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  2. It’s not silly at all. Agreed on everything you said about animal abuse. I’d like to be able to talk to them as well.

    Funny we should both talk about (supermen and) superpower. Don’t know. I must have them but I’ve been feeling lost and vulnerable too long to be able to tell.
    Holding a grudge, I’m really good at that. Melodramatic, yes. A drama queen. Masochistic. Irrational at times, unable to think straight or tell right from wrong when in distress. And of course, sarcastic/cynical, my best card when I’m hurt because I know that’s about the only weapon I have at disposal.
    All my super features. Now you wish you hadn’t asked.

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  3. I really had to think about this one. Was going to go with something similar to your x-ray vision comment, but seeing that you took the serious route, I didn’t want to go there. So………if I had a super power, it would be to eliminate cruelty whenever I saw it. I’d shield the targeted victim, and have whatever cruelty, whether physical or emotional, rebound on the person trying to inflict it, and have it linger on them for a week, with the impact increasing exponentially worse each new day. I wouldn’t let it get to the point where the person dies, only suffer to the extent where they wish they could. Hopefully the lesson will be learned. And for kids who are bullies and learn it from their parents, their parents would get to experience the joy too.

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    1. Well stated and a wonderful super power.
      I realized when I posted it that it would be superficial of me to talk only about animals when there are so many real issues to address with mankind. I guess I just wanted to have some fun with my blog instead of being so bloody serious all the time

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      1. I cannot watch or read anything that shows cruelty to animals. It’s not that I’m burying my head in the sand, but it just upsets me so much. I’ve seen before and after pictures of rescued animals, and feel tears threaten when they find their forever home.

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  4. I would be able to ‘dispose’ of the irrationality so prevalent in today’s society. I would walk into a room and peace and understanding would prevail! That would be my super power… and I’d be able to grow a money tree, too. (That’s a no brainer!)

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  5. Cool power. I was talking with a friend the other day and we thought it would be cool if we could talk to and understand animals.

    A neat (and useful) power would be to be able to pick up a guitar (or any instrument) and play any song someone requested. It won’t save the whales or stop world hunger, but it would be a heck of a lot of fun.

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