Thank you

Tonight I reached 500 likes on my blog, yesterday I broke the 50 followers mark.

When I started this blog I needed an outlet to exorcise my demons, cope with my situation, learn about myself and see if my story would be interesting.

Writing has always been an interest of mine, having someone read what I write a goal. I am so thankful for those of you that discovered my little corner of the internet.

To some, 50 followers and 500 likes is a drop in a bucket. To me, it means everything.

Thank you

14 thoughts on “Thank you”

      1. yes, I agree a little with “Sparkyjen” : it’s nice to know we are not alone, that we are making connections out there.


  1. Heck yeah, likes, comments, views, and followers mean a lot, especially when you’re a new blogger wondering if anyone gives a flippy-dippy about your thoughts. We might give lots of reasons why we start to post, and mean every darn one of them. Yet that which is human and in need of acknowledgement within us, wants to know how we feel about anything from A-Z means something to someone besides ourselves. Bravo!

    You are making a difference. I recognize and appreciate you!! The most wonderful thing is…I am not alone!!!

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