on being real

I’ve been told many times that I would be great in politics. I could be the “anti-politician” and be completely different than anything that the world has seen. I would be honest, not-for-sale, transparent and accountable. I would create a third political party and I would call it the No-Nonsense Party. I would only address issues on my desk that are important, valid, urgent and sensible. My desk would have a placard on it with Smilin’ Harry Truman’s famous “the buck stops here.”

“Nope, that’s stupid. Veto. Next.”

“Are you kidding me, get outta here with that!”

“Are you seriously asking me to approve that?”

The government would work for the people again. This would be me.

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Problem is that I would get fewer votes than Jill Stein. I may as well ask for a “3 way” with Charlize Theron and her best friend. It will never happen. No one would vote for me because I’m too honest. Brutally honest, as a fellow blogger kindly referred to me as yesterday. I don’t mean “I didn’t cut down the cherry tree” honest, but instead “incapable of bullshit” honest. People say they want honest until it comes to them. Then you’re an asshole.

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Honesty is more than telling the truth. It is a distinct lack of pretense. A transparency. The ability to look at things as they really are and accept what you see, even if you are studying yourself. Honesty is asking for an opinion and opening yourself up for an answer you might not like. In my case, it is showing the world who I am without fear of reprisal.

There were times in my life when I tried to reinvent myself. To restrain parts of my personality. I didn’t do well. There’s a difference between behaving to fit in where necessary, an office cubicle for example, and holding back the real you. I did my best work, made the friends worth keeping, had the best times when I embraced my inner Foghorn. That’s the real me. The link below will explain the Foghorn thing.


Everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions, what is manageable and what is a predetermined failure. I made only one resolution this year. To be the best person I can be. To be real. Some people like it, I know my real friends do. Some of my fellow bloggers have commented on my willingness to put my ass out there for the whole world to see, as if brutal honesty is uncommon.

So Politics is not for me. I can’t speak in circles. I don’t want to deal with liars and sycophants. I have no tolerance for bullshit. I’m not capable of being fake. I’m real, it’s working for me and I’m going to ride her until she bucks me off.




9 thoughts on “on being real”

  1. I can’t be a politician for the same reason I could never go from being a sales manager to a sales rep. I don’t schmooze. I’m a terrible schmoozer. Sales reps come around to me and schmooze me to get me to display this or that or carry this or that and I prefer to be the guy who says “no, sir, I’ll call you” and then they smile enthusiastically before they drive away and cry or swear my name in vain. Sales reps can’t make a living waiting for someone to call them.

    Just the same, politicians can’t make a living waiting for others to come up and vote for them. They have to schmooze. They have to garner the vote, cater to the bloc, appeal to the masses.

    “Look, want to vote for me or not?” sounds like a terrible campaign slogan.

    I would probably be honest, too, but somehow I think I could overcome that with enough incentive. There is not enough incentive to make me schmooze.

    I’m diggin’ your stuff, otl, keep up the great work. And, if you ever decide to run, I’ll be your lyin’ runnin’ mate if you’ll be the one to schmooze. Or, we can just hang out here, talk about them, and drink some beers. Your choice. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Interestingly I’ve been in sales most of my career. Kind of an anti-salesman. I had to rely on product knowledge and customer needs. Amazingly it worked. When I got into sales management it was harder to get the team on board with my style. I was never slick but I had to really believe in my product or I was pulling a Pinocchio lol

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      1. I was pretty good at sales management. I nurtured the style of my sales team. It was fun.

        As a salesman, I cater my style to the customer. Low key folks get low key Tom. High strung ones get high energy. Neurotics get big brother. Folks that want to be lied to, and you know them, get stretched out facts. I want everyone to go home happy; even the ones that don’t know what makes them happy as well as I do. πŸ˜‰

        I say “was” because, these days, I’m the only guy in the store most of the time. When the econ collapsed, the boss tailed everything back and I found myself the sales manager of one. I still have the title because we haven’t ordered “the only guy in the store” cards yet. On the upside, the money’s better than ever. I literally get a cut of almost everything sold, because I sell almost everything.

        And I still get to tell schmoozers no.

        Win/Win. 🀣

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      1. Clicking ON the link worked. I meant embedding it. Ok so if we do meet for coffee while Im in Boston, bring your laptop. You buy the coffee, I will fix the link? BUT if you call yourself a dope again, I am certain to “spill” my coffee on you


    1. I know that but it immediately comes to mind when I think of elected officials and which ones are successful, which are not and why. I suppose being slick helps also. Thanks as always for reading

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