talking to strangers

Sometimes I talk to people at random. Often they either ignore me or I may occasionally get a weak response. It’s just how I am. Last night I was in the market and there was a young man shopping with his small son. The boy was having a blast. The father, to his credit, was being very patient. As I was grabbing an item near them I remarked “this is the good stuff right here”. He asked me what I meant. I told him that this moment in time will be a great memory someday. I said to him that food shopping with my young kids was one of my favorite memories. He said, “Sometimes I wish it would go faster.”

I shook my head and politely said “Don’t wish for that, trust me.”

At that point, I knew I was verging on being the annoying old guy offering unsolicited advice. We all hate that guy, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Instead of dismissing me he stuck his hand out and thanked me for what I offered. He said, “I needed that.

It wasn’t an opinion, not a criticism, just a perspective.

I will continue to talk to strangers because I’ve always believed that sometimes we offer people exactly what they need at that moment.

12 thoughts on “talking to strangers”

  1. I always talk to strangers, I think now I am out and about I probably talk to a stranger every day. Just general chit chat, most people are happy to start a conversation at the bus stop or in a shop, might be joking about the weather, admiring their dog or you discover you both came from the same area.

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    1. I think many of us do. I suppose that I was raised in a less than friendly area and I was conditioned at an early age that your odds of being ignored were pretty high. I carried that into adulthood, generally wary of being rebuffed by unfriendly people. It has always been my nature to do so, the question is how often would I attempt it. Sad that it had to be that way because I really like people


  2. I think you have him a whole new perspective, one that he will be mindful of in the years to come. Sometimes we get such valuable life lessons from total strangers. I say, keep on doing what you do Billy 😊😊💟💟

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  3. I strike up a conversation with strangers a lot, especially shopping when standing in the queue.
    Most times I get a favourable response. Nice post Billy, and so true. Kids grow up so fast. Shame I have memories only of other people’s.


  4. 🙂 I see no problem whatsoever in people talking to strangers. What a lot of people have failed to realize is that our current friends were strangers to us in the past (Someone had to strike up a conversation first).

    I think that the cause of the lack of interaction today is psychological programming. For example, we were told by our parents, “Don’t talk to strangers,” and most of us go about our lives doing just that.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day.


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