Opening day

*this post is a continuation of a story. It will stand alone in many ways but for missing context please go back a few…*

May 10th would be our opening day. We had the store all set up, groceries and all. The kitchen staff was trained and ready to go and we had a decent, still not enough, amount of people to work. We were planning on a “soft opening” to avoid an influx of customers on the real opening. Nobody wins on Grand Openings. The establishment gets bombarded, they can’t keep up and more people are pissed off than happy. Those unhappy ones are the assholes that take to social media to trash a business after they failed to handle the onslaught.

The soft opening was a Monday. Our dumbass store manager posted on FB that Monday and, as expected, we were bombarded. I wasn’t even scheduled to work that day but I saw that they were in trouble and offered to come in. I worked 11 hours that day. After being on Disability for 4 years. I was in such pain. But we did it. The next day, our announced Grand Opening, was overwhelming. I worked 11 hours that day. The next morning I went for my monthly checkup. I got a call that afternoon. My creatine was elevated (creatine is the number that indicates overall Kidney function). I was instructed to do it again. That turned out to be elevated over the previous labwork. They, and I were concerned. I did it again. I received a call on Friday.
It was requested that I go to the hospital immediately. They had a room waiting for me. What did I do? I told Vinny, then I finished my shift. I am such a dumbass.

I was admitted that night. I would be there all weekend. I had been scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday. Over the previous five days, I had worked 55 hours. I was exhausted and scared. The concern was that I was rejecting my new kidney.
Not the best news only 8 months out of transplant.