A ripple in the water

One of the most amazing thing about the internet is the connections that we make. I have made actual friendships, with the exception of the blessed few that I have met in person, that are real and meaningful. I am occasionally surprised and honored when a virtual friend or blogger notices my absence, which of late has been the rule, not the exception.
It is an honor none the less when someone notices when you are not around. I have to come clean as to why my posting on social media and the blogosphere has been so infrequent.

As Bruce Banner, AKA the Incredible Hulk, famously said…”You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

I’ve been in a bad place.

I have friends that share very different politics. One in particular is a polar opposite of me politically but I read him just the same.(You know who you are). He is a beacon of reason and open-mindedness despite his world view being maddening to me. He doesn’t judge me for mine, he allows me to be me.

The problem is, being me has been difficult lately. The social and political climate is infuriating to me and I hate how people are turning on one another. The anger and resentment at watching my friends, family and country embroiled in partisan and identity politics has been consuming me. I, like my beloved community, was drifting in the wrong direction. It made me angry and hostile and I found myself caught up in it.
I didn’t like the way I felt. I was tired.

Tired of politics.
Tired of the arguing.
Tired of people digging in.
Tired of open mouths and closed minds
Tired of blind hatred and senseless bigotry.
Tired of senseless destruction.
Tired of disinformation and agendas.
Tired of all of it.
Tired of being angry.

Then one day I caught myself.

I knelt down at the water’s edge and I prayed for tolerance and an abundance of reason to guide me. I further asked for the strength to be a beacon of light that others may follow before it all, everything that I love vanished before my eyes. Please God, take this anger from me. The weight is more than I can handle. Let me be the small stone that makes a ripple that slowly but persistently spreads over the turbulent waters.

I am but one person. But sometimes that is all that is required to start a revolution. Please people, let’s start a movement of restoring the basic values of dialogue, courtesy, tolerance and respect.

Believe what you believe but don’t cram it down another’s throat.
When someone is speaking, listen to learn not wait your turn to speak.
Converse with facts and educated opinion, not sound bites and increased volume.
React with a deep breath and carefully considered words.
Apply Respect as a value and a virtue, not as an option.
Talk over the backyard fence instead of making the fence taller.
Love each other.

If we don’t, everything we love is going to vanish before our eyes.

13 thoughts on “A ripple in the water”

  1. I hear you. I have my own views as you well know, but jamming my them down people’s throats is something I abhor. That is probably the main reason I don’t write about politics, especially now. Common sense and decency seems to be a lost art these days

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  2. Thanks Billy. As always I tend to get a bit carried away, but yeah, I’m angry. What makes me even madder is the fact that there’s sod all I can do about it! Hubby and I have long since given up on the Covid-19 reports, especially as figures have been chopped and changed, even the numbers of deaths reduced, to make BoJo and co look good. They are playing with our lives, so it is up to us as a couple to protect ourselves as best we can. We were saying today how much we miss the boat. We could have been away from everyone and everything.
    They are re-writing history because certain words are offensive to certain cultures. I’m think how pathetic TPTB were to agree to having a dog’s name removed from a memorial to The Dam Busters, and now they are planning to have the last night of the proms with Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia without lyrics because it could offend. It makes me sick. (sorry for second rant in as many minutes)

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  3. The world has gone mad Billy. PC has gone into overdrive and our traditions and values are being stripped from our history.
    I am not religious, but won’t knock someone’s faith, even if I don’t comprehend it. That does not mean to say i don’t believe in something, I do, something more than anyone can ever imagine, just not how they teach in the scriptures, and I am comfortable with that.
    I don’t like people talking AT me, telling me how I should be, what I should think, who should be my friends. I’ve been there, and it got me nowhere, and somewhere in all of it, I lost my identity and sense of worth. That’s all changed now.
    I am angry more often than not these days. The news is depressing and I’m tired of the lies and back stabbing from our leaders who are more interested in making money and being bum chums than caring about the people they represent. I wouldn’t trust any of them so where does that lead us? We have mindless yobs ruining our town with their behaviour, disrespect, and general attitude, and you would not believe the mess and excreta they leave in their wake. Break ins and vandalism are on the up, and our police are nowhere to be seen.
    We are lucky in that the majority of people we come in contact with have similar views to us. They understand where we’re coming from, as we do them, we have a respect for them, as they do us, even if, apart from owning a dog, we have little if anything else in common. Maybe it’s a start.

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