I’ve never been described as patient. Now, its all I can be.

I want to get out and enjoy Spring. It’s my favorite season. I can go outside finally. But I can’t go anywhere where there are people. This virus is really fucking up my Spring. And maybe my summer and fall. But there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

I’m officially on the transplant list. The typical wait time is 3-6 years. I have been on dialysis for 20 months. I get credit for those. Still, I have 1-4 years unless I get a donor. Transplants are postponed, like everything else in the world until further notice.

I met a woman. She’s the total package. Attractive, smart, funny, and fun. We got off to a rough start but I was lucky enough to get a second chance at a first impression. She had me firmly entrenched in the “friend zone” until I clawed my way out.
She’s great. But she is hesitant to put a toe in the cold water. I guess I’m the cold water in this scenario. It’s not me, it’s every guy she’s gone out with before me. I can’t say if they are good or bad but I don’t think they did right by her. She needs that and I wonder if she knows what it is like to be treated nice. I’ll show her if she lets me. It will take work. And time. I think we’re going to be great when the walls come down. Until then…


28 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. There’s some satisfaction in knowing that this pandemic has leveled the field in the sense of what we are able to do or where we can go or who we can see/visit. Even I’m getting sick of it and it’s not made my life much different than before…it must have something to do with psychology, herd mentality or some-such-thing. OH…congrats on the woman in your life; since all you have is separation time anyway…make the most of it (at least you can’t be too intrusive or pushy if you can’t see her *not that you are*) it’s a mandated ‘friend-zone’ right now.

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  2. Yeah, it sucks! But when you feel the walls closing in and what little patience you have begin to disappear, you can take the bike out on a brilliant spring day, go for a ride, and lose yourself in splendor of New England

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