PC vs Common Decency

I do not stand with the people that insist that as a Country we should shout Merry Christmas from the rooftops. We do not need to assert that this country was founded by people primarily of Judeo-Christian faith.  Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing. There are approximately 29 Holidays celebrated within the month of December. It is culturally intolerant of us to insist that everyone says Merry Christmas. I believe that “Happy Holidays” is just fine. That is my bow to the age we now live in.

On the other hand, if someone, anyone for that matter, wishes you a Merry Christmas and it’s not your holiday…take it and say thank you. The overall point is that someone took the time and made the effort to say something nice to you. Don’t be offended. If someone offered me a peanut-butter and Jelly sandwich and I had a nut allergy I would say thank you for the sandwich. It’s common decency. Which, like common sense, is not common.

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Lighten up people, please.

4 thoughts on “PC vs Common Decency”

  1. I wanted to comment on your about page but “life happened” …. I couldn’t find the button maybe not enough coffee, maybe because I’m blonde, maybe there is no button?!??! I guess it really doesn’t matter because I found a way to comment somewhere and I hope you see this….. brb more coffee
    Ok for starters…what should I call you? On the level? Just a Regular guy? Guy who likes GSD’s and has a good sense of humor? I need help with this one…call it OCD…Can I have a name? and please make it kind of easy to type 😛
    Ok next topic….Do you have a GSD? I love mine to death, but the hair….ugh…still wouldn’t trade her for anything….but if you do…then I would like to ask what kind of vacuum you own…
    Do you see where this is going? I’d like to chat sometime, but don’t really know the platform. Maybe we can chat on Facebook? but since I don’t know your name, and its too early in the morning to fbi stalk you ( just kidding I promise I wont) if you are interested in chatting sometime…add me on facebook Grace Fullnot…. or throw another suggestion my way?


    1. friend request sent. I have never had a GSD but my best friend has had several and one of my mtn bike buddies had 2 that ran the trails with us. They were amazing, loyal and beautiful dogs. I love all animals.
      I look forward to further chats

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