Just Jot it January #14–Reflection

Today you are this

tomorrow you’ll be that

do you want to be skinny

or live with being fat

should you smoke or not

because a girl thinks it’s hot

how important is it to be cool

or is conformity for fools

are you a tough guy

one who’s afraid to cry

or a sensitive chap

that cries in his lap

what are your passions

do you care about fashion

do you have opinions

just like the minions

will you stand up and fight

if you know you are right

or will you just go along

follow the mindless throng

even if they’re wrong

there’s so much riding

on whom you are siding

on style and trends

on who you call friends

it may take you a while

to find your own style

friends who like you for you

and all of the things that you do

that’ll let you write your story

in all your weird glory

there’s no one like you

to your uniqueness always be true

at the end of the day

being you is OK

you may have trouble finding

and may need some reminding

that the proper direction

is in your reflection

for nothing speaks clearer

than the man in the mirror

18 thoughts on “Just Jot it January #14–Reflection”

  1. I loved your post, as I usually do. Frequently I am left pondering what you have said. While I agree with everything you have written I got hung up and “squirreled” on the man in the mirror part. I started thinking about how looks could be deceiving and wondering what one might think of the black circles under my eyes or my frequent yawns, etc. But at the same time, I often say to myself and others that I’m ok with my decisions so long as I an look at myself in the mirror. SO I wasn’t going to comment though until I read your comments about people not commenting…here is an example of it having nothing to do with your words, which are incredible btw

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