Self-Jus Jot Jan day #8

The name’s Billy Mac
AKA Superman
I do what I can
for an ordinary man
no feat too small
no building too tall

by now you are laughing
at the image of me dashing
from sidewalk to phone booth
in search of the truth
because you already know
I’m really a regular Joe

For my entire married life
at least according to my wife
I would go out of my way
to save somebody else’s day
that my head is as thick
as a pile of bricks
I just don’t listen

Hell, I’m on a mission
by my own admission
to help anyone around
up off of the ground
I can’t afford it
my health can’t support it
but I do it for a reason
regardless of the season

You see, as long as I fret about
other people’s asses
I’m less worried about
how Nerdy I look
in these Clark Kent glasses

I can’t help it
I stopped trying to fight it
I gladly put it all on the shelf
before I worry about my own self