My wish for the New Year

You can work on “you” any time during the year. Change takes place only when one is truly ready. That is why I prefer to create a wish list each year of what I want changed in the world. If I am able to walk this planet with such goals in mind, maybe my example will inspire others and real change can happen.
I wish the following:
to the parents struggling to care for their family, may they be able to provide sustenance and love for their children
to the first responder running towards danger when others run from it, may you always stay safe
to the soldier thousands of miles from those that love you, may your mission be righteous and your body unscathed
to the healthcare workers who do more for others than they do for themselves, may their selflessness be recognized and appreciated
to the bullied child, may your struggles be recognized before it’s too late
to the bully, may you see the error of your ways
to the ill, may you experience healing and recovery
to the grieving, may you experience closure and peace
to the hungry, may your plate always be full
to our leaders, may they do what is right, not what is profitable or electable
to the disenfranchised, the angry and the frustrated, may you find an outlet and peace in your heart
to the practitioners of hate and division, may you become part of the solution, not part of the problem
to those that chose the path of honesty and integrity, may you never second-guess that choice
to those who are glued to screens,may you look away and see the beauty all around you
to those fighting a hard battle, may the people you meet treat you with kindness and respect.

Here’s to a better you. A better us. A better world. It’s up to us to make it a good year.

Here’s to you.

27 thoughts on “My wish for the New Year”

      1. Let’s hope the word spreads far and wide, along with hearts and smiles (free to give) – and Happy New Year to you. thank you for the wonderful post.


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