where were you on that fateful day?

17 years ago to the day
I can’t see the world
quite the same way
disgusted by how far
some will go
to destroy those
they don’t even know
it escapes me
it really does
the hatred and venom
their twisted cause
For some the anger has faded
not me
I’m eternally jaded
where were you?
on that fateful morn
when buildings fell
and hearts were torn
I still look to the sky
I stop and ask myself why
airplanes staying in the air
are no longer a given
our only crime?
our way of living
lives changed forever
innocence was lost
the widows and orphans
such a tremendous cost
if broken spirits were the goal
the bastards failed
Old Glory’s still on her pole
It brought out the best in us
the tables were turned
we rose to the occasion
as the buildings burned
First Responder’s responded
with soldiers and regular Joe
reacted with a fierce resolve
that we had yet to show
for a short, glorious time
we were all brothers
put aside our differences
respected each other
came together as one
hatred can only conquer
if you choose to let it
hang your head today
and always remember
The weight of your heart
on this day in September
mourn for the lost
the brave and the strong
celebrate those that fight for us
all the year long
on this anniversary
of an event so heinous
may faith, hope and charity
always sustain us

19 thoughts on “where were you on that fateful day?”

  1. I was at work, I had a pink mug of tea in my hand. I remember having to sit it down because my hand was shaking so violently. I remember vividly what clothes I was wearing, what my co-workers were wearing even….it’s like that moment in time is seared so deep down in my psyche, I can remember every tiny detail about that day but cannot tell you what I had for lunch yesterday. In the ensuing days and months after that horrific tragedy I was so proud of OUR America. We were all one. No matter what our race, gender, ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation…we were all just Americans. I long for those days again. I probably won’t ever see such unity again in my lifetime. The mighty Rome has fallen.

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  2. I was at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Nashville getting ready to start a class. When I heard the news, all I wanted to do was go home and be with my family. The class was cancelled but before they dismissed us, a priest came and asked us if we would like to gather for prayer. Everyone stayed and we stood in a circle and held hands and prayed which was very comforting, to me, anyway. I drove home and woke my husband (who had just gone to bed after working all night). We talked about going to school and getting our children (I can’t explain it, but I just wanted them home and close to us). But by that time, psychologists were on the TV advising against that. I remember trying to explain things to my children that night. But how in the world could I even begin to explain something I didn’t understand and still don’t? There is no understanding it.

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  3. Beautifully rendered, brother. I was loading my trailer for the day’s work and had the radio on (conservative talk shows were my thing back then). I remember, like most, thinking it was the most bizarre accident in history, until the second one struck. I ran inside, flipped on the TV and woke the missus.

    Hell of a thing. Changed us a nation, wounded us, made us crazy. We haven’t recovered yet and I wonder, sometimes, if we ever will. 😢

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