pushing it

I went to a blogging party

it was a much anticipated event

I should have listened to my body

And all of the signals that it sent

full of desire to lead a normal life

And to see friends who remove my strife

I took a chance

And had to leave the dance.

Sick and tired of being

Sick and tired

I made the trek

And ended up a wreck

To my fellow attendees

It was so great to see you

The faces behind the words

The heart behind the keyboards

I wish I could have stayed

To laugh and tell tales

But my cards had  been played

And I prematurely set sail

Better days ahead

I keep saying aloud

But something’s gotta give

Either be smart, or stubbornly proud


8 thoughts on “pushing it”

  1. It was great to see you nonetheless my friend. I can only imagine what that drive home was like. I’m glad you made it to the home base okay, and look forward to the next time when you are hopefully full of piss and vinegar. Hang in there


  2. Excellent poem/sentiments 🙂
    We were/are all concerned about you. I hope you follow up soon with the doc or, better yet, get yourself checked out asap. I have to wonder if it’s not something besides meds.

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