What’s in a name?

A young Native American boy respectfully approached his Grandfather, a tribal elder and politely asked, “Grandpa, none of the children in my school have names like we do. Can you tell me how we Native Americans choose our names?”

“Sure”, his Grandfather replied and gestured for him to sit down. “We name our children after a significant event that occurred at the time of…ummmm…conception”. He looked for a reaction from the young boy, saw none and continued. “When I was conceived, my mother and father saw a large hawk flying overhead so they named me Flying Hawk”.

The boy was intrigued so he continued.

When your mother was conceived, I had seen a very large deer run by that day so we named her Running Deer. Do you understand or should I go on?”

“No, I think I understand. Thank you Grandpa”.

“No problem Broken Rubber, you run along now”.

9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. I laughed-out-loud…loved it. thanks for sharing especially since you didn’t author it; isn’t that what jokes are for?


  2. I have zero idea why this joke reminded me of the bear and the rabbit pooping joke… good times. Thanks for the laugh! It’s been a week and I definitely need some more of this before I turn to the bottle!

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    1. Brandewulf! Welcome to my blog. I know you’re a friend of Tom’s I see your feedback on his posts a lot.
      Yea it’s an old joke but I love it. I figured a few would know it but give a laugh to a few others. I try to keep it clean and non offensive.

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