I have found that the less time I spend on Facebook the happier I am. With the exception of animal videos and inspirational memes, there is not much on there that interests me anymore.

I used to love FB. I reconnected with friends from High School, made new friends through pages dedicated to my illness, found a group of mountain bikers that became real, genuine friends and I really do enjoy just knowing what people are up to. It makes me feel close to them. But in our hopelessly divided world, all of that is outweighed by the negativity and outright hostility we are showing towards each other as we continue to shout in Caps, defend our positions and flatly refuse to accept the viewpoints of those who don’t think as we do. When a tragedy strikes, it is a thousand times worse.

I don’t know if it was school or at home but I know I was taught by someone that we don’t have to agree with each other. That it is ok, even encouraged to have a different view than another, but always respect their right to feel the way they do. It is a human, dare I say American ideal. As Americans we pride ourselves on the origin of our great nation; the escape from political and religious oppression, the notion of governing ourselves and creating a document that can be amended in the event that society evolves and something the drafters of that document never anticipated arises. We shout from the rooftops that you can do and say anything you want in this great land of ours because we are free! Respect and intelligent discourse will always prevail.

Not anymore.

We are no longer the land of the free and the brave. We are now the land of the loud and closedminded. We don’t listen when others speak, instead, we are merely planning our next sentence. How can you learn anything if you don’t listen to another voice? If someone disagrees with us we get angry and hurl insults at them instead of debating them intelligently and calmly. To make matters worse, we have the attention span of a gnat. Instead of researching things and formulating an informed viewpoint, we believe everything we hear and see online.

I love the saying everyone is “entitled to their opinion”. Sorry, you are not. An opinion is formulated and arrived at by study, life experience, intelligence, and wisdom. To say that global warming is real, for example, there are actual statistics on both sides of the issue that can be used to support your “opinion” and a proper debate could then ensure. To say that it is the fault of aliens dressed as Joan Cusack trying to kill penguins because they hate Tuxedos is just a stupid statement. And there are plenty of those.
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But even if you do postulate nonsense or common sense, the vitriol towards others, only strengthened by “keyboard balls” is making me sick. The hatred being spewed back and forth as tragedies strike and everyone digs in for battle armed with a sling full of arrows of “Idiot”, “moron”, “shithead” and “snowflake” to be shot at anyone who has the nerve to not think like them is sickening.

I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care if you think guns shoot by themselves. I don’t care if you think the earth is flat. I don’t care that you think the president is responsible for an earthquake in Peru. Say something intelligent and be accepting of others or just put the keyboard down. Going on FB now just makes me sad and angry. There is some good content left but so much hatred.

I almost wish that grammatical and spelling errors, duck-faced selfies by women who are way too old to be doing them, vague posts fishing for sympathy or gratification and pictures of ugly feet on the beach were the only aggravating thing about FB. From now on, FB is something to scroll while I poop. A fitting finale for this post. Too bad I don’t have the poop emoji…

11 thoughts on “boycott”

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I like it for its group page communities for television shows and hobbies, but I hate how Facebook operates. I leave one comment and suddenly it autonatically makes me follow the comment thread so everytime someone else posts, I get a notification. I occasionally browse those pages because it interests me. But the news feed thing where I’m bombarded with updates from various “friends” is stuff I only ever look at if I’m bored. Why did Facebook become the primary way everyone has to be in on just to be in the know what is going on in someone’s life? It is too exhausting for me to bother with. Regarding the status posts where it’s obvious the person is trawling for sympathy, I admit I have a friend who does this. She seems to use FB as a place to frequently vent and even explained (when someone asked her in a comment) that if people don’t like her posts, they can unfollow and that she writes so bluntly due to not having a lot of people in her personal life whom she can talk to. On the one hand, I’m sympathetic to her reasons but on the other… I personally don’t think it’s healthy to depend on FB that much. Maybe I am wrong to judge since I am not in her position and whatever she is going through in her life.


  2. I’m finding myself in the same position. Facebook is losing its appeal. I like posting cleverly for my family and close friends, and putting up pictures of food and beer, but I almost dread when my politics from the blog hit that medium. I had 255 Facebook responses to my “Guns” blog, and not all them were polite, intelligible or even well-meaning. And, Billy Mac, that’s from people I know personally and well. I handled it the way I handle all things, with a modicum of respect and understanding. But once or twice I had to scold a relative or good friend to treat others (or myself) with dignity, or leave the conversation. Only on Facebook do I get that level of vitriol.

    In the end I know I’ll keep the account, continue to share my words – all my words – throughout all mediums I am connected to. I can take the heat. I can stomach the stupidity. I can hold out hope that, somehow, some of this is seeping under the skin of even the most ardent of the intolerant.

    Which probably means I’m the really stupid one. 😉

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    1. we’re on the same page my friend. I think what I left out of my post is that, like you I am seeing the worst of people, some of whom I really like. I stoppped posting almost entirely, I like my blog as my medium now and I’m almost done even reading

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      1. Unfortunately, too many see what they want to see, or think they do, instead of what is actually written. I think all I really did was have to post the word “guns” and it would start enough controversy to get some people fighting.

        I will say that, for the most part, everyone was respectful of me. Of each other, though? Well, that’s a different story …


  3. I’m on FB primary for business reasons (trying to get a book published) but I skim over most of the crap you’ve eloquently described, and never post anything remotely political because I don’t want to deal with the pinheads. I think short attention spans boil down to people having the inability to deal with boredom or a slow pace. You Tube, Video Games and and platforms like FB, “we” crave fame regardless of the cost, require instant gratification at all times, and the truth has unfortunately become a casualty of that.

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  4. 💩
    There ya go!
    LOL…. if I remember, I’ll scroll through once a day it doesn’t take long for me to get to the last post I saw the day before – of course, I don’t have “friends” that aren’t friends or family- I literally swiftly scroll unless I see something interesting.

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