crack in the foundation

My mother’s new boyfriend has become a weekly house guest. Because he lives almost 80 miles away his routine is to show up on Friday and leave Monday morning. He originally stayed in the guest room but now he’s in her bed. My father’s bed. Heavy sigh. Let it go.

I like him. He’s a big, polite 70-year-old Vietnam Veteran and retired State Trooper. He’s nice to my mother and he and I get along well. Even if we didn’t it doesn’t matter I’m not shagging him my mother is.

Predictably, as his familiarity and comfort level increase, he is showing some additional sides of his personality. A few telling comments containing “folksy racism”, unwelcome input (my favorite), and indications that he thinks he is a bigger part of this household than he really is. My mother is noticing it, is ok with things for now, but I am comfortable that she will handle it if she decides it is a problem. As for me, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This morning he made a mean comment about our dog to me. Big mistake. I even said “you’re in the wrong house then big guy”. “You’ll go before he will”. He asked if I was serious.

“Hell yea I am. We love dogs in this house.”

I can’t help but wonder what Mom’s reaction would have been had she heard that? I have a feeling that this is only a matter of time.

7 thoughts on “crack in the foundation”

  1. OMG!! I am glad you are around, even though you state, regarding your mother, that you are “comfortable that she will handle it if she decides it is a problem.”
    So, you’re a guy, right? What do you think about this ‘behavior’/personality; do you recognize this as a typical ‘guy thing’ or is this, in your male opinion, guy an aberration?
    I ask because from my history/perspective, this is SO a ‘guy thing’ – typical King of the Castle to the little lady/damsel even if it isn’t “his” castle. Ugh, I can’t even.


    1. It’s not a problem. He’s overall a very decent guy. I don’t think she’s serious enough about him for me to worry about it. I just don’t think he realizes how important it is that he love dogs lol

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