Food for thought

There is no limit to the stupidity of content on Social Media. From posts asking you if you remember your phone # or address from your childhood (an obvious attempt at identity theft) to the idiotic “everyone’s first job was at McDonalds, prove me wrong”. I don’t understand why anyone would comment on them but hey, that’s just me. One that has caught my attention recently is the “would you want your father (mother, sister, etc.) to be your father if you could do it over again?” On these, I immediately hit the comments. It is incredible how many people say no.

As it turns out, a silly FB post stimulated me a bit. I can’t begin to imagine a scenario in which the foremost influences in my life would be held in such poor regard? This interests me because I am a person that believes that good or bad, your experiences made you who you are and, in addition, it’s a waste of time to think about the past because you can’t change it.

I suppose if I had horrible parents, and was mistreated in some way that resulted in a traumatic childhood that left me a damaged and dysfunctional adult then maybe my thinking would be different. On that, I honestly can’t relate and will reserve judgment. But I still found a takeaway in the comments section, it made me think about my childhood.

After all, it all comes down to the childhood, doesn’t it?

Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a damn thing about mine. No revisionist thinking taking place here. I think I’ll dedicate a few posts to it.

7 thoughts on “Food for thought”

  1. Agree whole heartedly Bill. I am all the conquests in my life! I have one nephew, whose 31st birthday is today, IF my brother was present in his childhood, IF he was a positive role model would Pat have been in jail three times for DUI before turning 30?
    I would imagine Pats answer is a quick “No thanks” on the question. My niece who I strongly believe NEVER should have procreated has a 15 & 8 yr old. She had been in shelters with first baby as an infant cuz it’s a great idea at 28 with no job, car or apt to have a baby! Selfish twat…
    She then hooks up with a dead beat alky drug dealer, and had a second child when she herself has bipolar and self medicates. I would guess both innocent children would again give you a quick No. I am flabbergasted with what both Pat, Collin and Kelsey have seen/lived in their childhoods.
    Let’s see what unfolds for the younger two.

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  2. My brother was still complaining about his childhood in his sixties; as a parent himself he should surely have realised no parents are perfect! Jokingly I have suggested I would have been a champion horse rider, ice skater, brilliant musician etc with the right background!

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  3. Neither would I. My parents loved me, and my friends were always made welcome. Money was always tight, but us kids never went without the important things and we had some luxuries, well to us anyway, along the way. I would not change a thing apart from maybe making life a little easier for my Mum and Dad who I think did a grand job in bringing us up.

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