work work work

I know I’m jumping the gun here. I am possibly years away from a transplant. My possible donor is just that. Possible. As a person waiting for a benevolent soul to donate a vital organ, I am keenly aware that promises are just that and people don’t always deliver on what they say when they are trying to be nice. It’s not negative, it’s realistic. As much as I hate dialysis, if I look past it I will cause myself a whole lot of hurt. I need to focus on following the rules, I invariably feel better when I do.

According to my Social Worker at the clinic, in the event of a transplant I can remain on SSDI for a full year, at which time I am expected to return to work. I can live with that with just one concern, I am disgusted by the Insurance plans being offered by employers these days, high premiums and even higher deductibles make me wonder if I can get a job that offers anything close to what Medicare does for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that guy, the one who looks for easy street via benefits. But out of pocket expenses and quality of care do matter and I don’t want to go backwards in that area. Of course, it really is too early to speculate on this, technically I am at retirement age and I may not be required to go back to work.

But still, I may be able to go back to work someday. The prospect of it excites me. If Uncle Sam kicks me off the federal tittie I will survive because if nothing else, my eclectic (a nice way of saying all over the damn place), work history will give me options. If I’m not a victim of ageism…