cancel culture

We live in a wonderful age. If you don’t like something, ban it. If you object to a historical event, protest it. If you think that something is offensive, demand that it be removed. Never mind if something can be learned from, if it challenges us to embrace our existing paradigms, or if it promotes excellence. Whatever we can feel bad about, we now have Cancel Culture to supplement the “everyone gets a fucking cookie” mentality so that we discourage those that want to be the best and placate those that do just enough to think they earned a trophy. Honestly, even the kid at the bottom of the class knows that if you have 1 goal and the other has 18, you suck and are indeed losing. Don’t like it cupcake? Get better. But don’t think you won. The scoreboard doesn’t lie.

I am infuriated beyond belief at our newfound lack of desire to want to achieve. To accept the fact that there are winners and losers. Losing sucks, but it used to serve as a motivator to be better. Now it is chalked up to the blame game. After all, nothing is ever anyone’s fault.

The latest outrage is a petition circulated recently demanding that Tom Brady be banned from participating in any more SuperBowl Games.


While it didn’t gain too much traction, it is clearly one of the most egregious examples of the “Pussification” of America. It is akin to saying, he’s too good, no fair”. And people bought into it. Sorry folks, but in the real world if you don’t like who is sitting on top of the hill…then knock him off. If you can’t then shut the hell up. Not demand that we legislate him down.

Ok, I’m spoiled. I have been following Tom Brady since his days at Michigan. I watched him tirelessly work on improving his game when he was relegated to the role of backup of some very good QB’s. Tom didn’t begrudge their success at the position of QB, he worked to be as good as and then better than them. The starting spot was to be earned, not granted or acquiesced.

He then came to my beloved, and consistently underperforming NE Patriots. A very high draft pick and a uninspired Combine Performance could have easily forced him into the life of the backup but an opportunity arose. When our starter, Drew Bledsoe was badly hurt Brady was given a shot. As Bledsoe recovered, Brady began to win games. Inevitably, Bledsoe recovered and a huge debate raged in NE as they entered the Playoffs as to who the rightful starter should be. They picked Brady, the guy who got them there. We went on to win the Superbowl that year.

Fluke? Anything but. Tom Brady had seized an opportunity and made the most of it. He worked tirelessly to be a great teammate, a better leader and on top of that, the best that he could possibly be and he continued a legacy of winning that no team has ever experienced. It wasn’t an accident. The Lombardi trophy only went to the best. The NFL is the real world.

When Tom left the NE Patriots, I was one of the many fans that continued to support him. He is the G.O.A.T. and I simply enjoy watching him play and I commend him for his dedication to achievement through hard work and nothing else. Not White Privilege, not class superiority, not a Coach or a system designed for him: just by sheer determination. He also feeds off of the misery of his disgruntled opponents.

The man took a new team to the Bowl, in a different conference, defying almost every happenstance, every hater and every team that secretly wishes they had him. He has been in 20% of all Super Bowl games, this one at an age that defies all expectations for a NFL QB. He deserves to be there. Anyone who thinks banning him is the right thing to do because he wins too much is a Generation Cupcake dipshit.

If you want the flag, climb the goddamn hill and take it from him. He isn’t going to hand it to you, you have to earn it. Like he did. Over and over again.

Rant over, that is all.

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