I can’t believe that I am actually reading tweets and FB posts from people hoping that our President and First Lady die of the Coronavirus. What is honestly wrong with people? Such unadulterated hatred is unfathomable to me and it marks a new low in our civilization…and I am speaking loosely here.

This is not a political post. I rarely post anything political on here, for the same reasons that I don’t post my politics on FB. My politics are my own and I don’t try nor do I expect anyone to follow suit or come over to “my side”. There are no sides, only our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to a individual and protected voice. You can feel however you want but I draw the line at forcing your beliefs on me. That includes hateful speech.

I was the least biggest fan Barack Obama ever had. It had nothing to do with the color of his skin, I strongly questioned his character and his politics. I never once wished harm upon him, I just patiently waited for his term to be over. I respected the office. What happened to that?

The word humanity cannot exist without the word “human”. The word humanity implies distinct qualities only attributed to mankind. The ability to reason, to empathize, to love, to show kindness; most but not all of these things qualities that the lower species are supposedly incapable of. I have begun to question our propensity for Humanity when I see people blindly attacking each other and wishing death upon them.

We’re better than this, people.

Or are we?

6 thoughts on “Enough”

  1. Wishing someone dead is never a good thing (except perhaps for an unapologetic mass murdering pedophile or someone of that ilk) – people who express those thoughts are lashing out emotionally, perhaps due to illness or death of family/friends due to Covid, financial hardships due to Covid, etc. If you are a DT supporter you may be taking these comments somewhat personally instead of realizing that people (maybe not you or anyone you know) are ill, dying or suffering other extreme hardships due to this virus which is not DTs ‘fault’ but the blame lies squarely in his lap for denying any “responsibility” for what we ALL should do/have done instead of wishing the whole thing away. And I ask you to be honest with yourself regarding those who you are the ‘least biggest fan’ of if you, in your secret self, without sharing with anyone else, may not have wished ‘harm’ or other ‘unforeseen occurrence’ befall them? You’d fall in a very small minority of almost perfect people if you can answer “No.”


    1. I admire this post. In my quest for fair and balanced,I reread it to really see if your critiques of our President were valid. I think you make some fair points and you did it without the usual insults that supporters of DJT often hurl.
      I also admire your passion in this. Believe it or not Steve, I don’t love everything that’s going on right now with my guy. I’m not blind.
      We all want a better world regardless of your politics


  2. Superman this political election is not about President Trump. It about his mentality and power
    of a person with the highest authority in the land. One who, has the authority over individual lives.
    Trump, speeches are bias. His participation only consist of: When he’s running for president. However , his bia words just doesn’t happen in the mix and/or black Counties. It also happens in poor Caucasians Counties. Now, everyone has a right to their opinions. However when it’s a negative option from the high authority in our land. That is not, a good thing. Remember, DT has been in office for -4….Four years! Therefore any Negative Injustice, unequal jobs, housing, increases in taxes and/ or telling the people the pandemic is/was a hoax amongst the black/ White and/or any other state. Fall on his watch and his administration.
    Don’t you agree.

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    1. All good points but they have nothing to do with the point of my post, hatred to the point where people want him dead is unacceptable.
      I deliberately kept this post non political


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