Bad Karma

It is said that how you treat people says everything about you. Especially those that can do nothing for you. The other day I met someone whose treatment of others, my friends and I, whose behavior spoke veritable volumes about her character. And not a single word of it was remotely favorable.

If you live anywhere near NH you may have heard of the Fallen 7. Last year, a group of Bikers on a charitable ride for USMC causes was rounding a corner in Jackson, NH and found a heavy-duty pickup and attached car carrier in their lane. Having nowhere to go, no escape route as bikers call it, a bloodbath ensued. 5 bikes, 2 with passengers met a tragic death. 7 dead in all. The operator of the truck, a illegal with several moving violations including a recent DUI, with multiple drugs in his system, had crossed the lane. It was a huge story and one that struck a decisive blow to the heart of anyone who, or knows anyone that rides a motorcycle. The tragedy was made worse by the truck operator’s lack of remorse and the fact that Registry backlog and poor communication between state DMV’s had caused his CT DUI to not be processed in MA. If it had, his license would have been suspended.

A beautiful memorial was erected on the site of the motel they were staying (they died mere yards from the motel, a further tragedy) and since the accident many a group of bikers have made the pilgrimage to the site to pay respects. Sunday, some friends and I set out on ours.

We have been under a drought for a few weeks. Each week the weather apps on on our phones predicted rain but it never did. So when the forecast called for rain we set out anyway on our 100 plus mile ride. As luck would have it, the heavens opened up on about 10 miles short of our destination. Rain is manageable on a bike, but this rain was torrential and it stung our eyes so bad that we were forced to take cover. The first place we saw was what looked like a abandoned motel and we pulled into the parking lot. We found a unit with a sufficient overhang and took shelter.

It wasn’t long before we realized that it wasn’t abandoned. A woman who identified herself as the owner approached us. We apologized for our presence and assured her that we were planning on moving along once the rain let up even a little. She was a bit annoyed but said ok and walked back to her unit. Not ten minutes later she came back and she was highly agitated. She began shouting at us, calling us filthy scumbags and ordered us off of her “fucking property”. One of my buddies asked her why the sudden change of heart and she ramped up her agitation. She screamed that she was going to start “dumping bikes”. I was horrified to see her heading towards mine, the one I had owned for exactly a week. She had both hands on the right hand grip and had it off of the kickstand when I realized that I was armed. I pulled up my shirt and revealed my 9MM. I said “Lady, get your fucking hands off of my bike or I will be forced to exercise my 2nd amendment right”. Not taking any chances I grabbed the bike away before she could dump it. She swung at me several times until I unsnapped the button of my holster and doubled down on my stance. She turned her attention to my buddy Tom who had a travel mug of coffee in his hand. She screamed at him and slapped the cup out of his hand. He told her to back off, that we would leave. We pulled out as she screamed obscenities at us.

It took a while for it all to settle in, it was a while longer before we were able to laugh about it. But it wasn’t funny. We completed our trip, paid our respects and made it home with several more stops to get out of the rain. We’re still talking about it 3 days later.

Several years ago I read a story about a Jackson, NH innkeeper who was sued by a Moroccan couple for refusing them service on the grounds that they were “Muslims from the Middle East who had no business being in our country.” NH had only recently passed hate crime legislation and she was the first person sued under it. After some research, yup you guessed it, it was her.

We engaged her on Facebook, gave her several poor reviews despite not being technically guests. Almost every review we read of her place was critical and often scathing, detailing tale after tale of verbal abuse and poor service. She was clearly a horrible person. She went after us and our reviews, doubling down on her “filthy biker” language. This was not good for her at all because us “filthy bikers” are a huge part of her business, largely due to the fact that she is ten miles from a very popular memorial site. But it didn’t end there. She tracked my friend Tom’s Facebook profile. On Tom’s cover page is a photo of his deceased son. The woman went so far as to say,”your kid is dead, how many others around you have died because of your behavior?” Tom was floored. The hate of this woman is overpowering.

I am still a little worked up over the incident. At the base of it all I know that we were on private property. But we weren’t hurting anyone, she had initially told us it was ok after all.

In the world I grew up in, shelter is given to strangers in duress, comfort is given to the weary and respect is paid to all until it is deemed unworthy. I have never been treated like that and I hope never to be again.

My mind is whirling with new and creative ways to get back at her, including filing a police report against her. I’m not sure what it will accomplish but it may make her think twice before she treats otherwise decent, respectful people like the piece of shit that she sees every day in the mirror.

19 thoughts on “Bad Karma”

  1. Of all the things we are having to deal with as a country, this is what concerns me the most. It seems like hate has been unleashed, and for some reason it’s okay to act the way this woman has. I suspect that element of society has been there, but there was an element of restraint. I don’t know if it is fear from the pandemic, the tone coming from Washington, or what is at the root of it. But it is disgusting and extremely troublesome. It seems like one spark could ignite the whole thing.

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    1. You had to bring the White House into this 😆. I don’t blame Trump and I’m not sure why you do but I agree with everything else you said. But this woman has a history of such behavior, it’s well documented in her reviews.
      I’m going to let it go, I have no place for anger in my life right now


      1. I am really not blaming anyone because it is a lot more complicated than that. All I am saying is that is it suddenly okay to act like this and nobody is calling anyone on it. Moral leadership on all levels seems to be a lost art these days

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  2. Not cool. The insanity of people used to surprise me. Unfortunately, not anymore. I’m glad you put reviews on her site. People should be well warned… burning down businesses these days I guess, from what I’ve witnessed, is perfectly acceptable. Just sayin’.

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  3. This is dreadful Billy. She definitely has a burr up her ass.
    I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the Fallen 7 being across the pond, but what a lovely tribute and respect for them after all these years.
    Personally, I have no problem with bikers. It was Bike Night every Tuesday in my home town and they were all terrific individuals, and their bikes………….. oh wow. One huge bald and tattooed guy offered to swap his Harley for Maggie when she was a pup. He fussed her so lovingly and gently, I was sure any dog would have had a good home with him, but obviously I refused……………. it was a nice bike though!
    Keep safe.

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  4. Ditto what Gail said, “Wow”…and I’m pissed. In my own experiences, people only become brazen because they’ve “gotten away with it” before; for her to put her hands on your bike, threaten “malicious damage,” and then slap your friends coffee from his hands! Never mind the verbal vitriol. I don’t blame you for still being worked up and trying to find a way to ‘get back at her’ – I’d probably be doing the same. Question is: how much of your precious time will you spend on someone who isn’t worth it OR do you think that you could make a difference to others by warning travelers to not patronize/support her business? I suppose you could post a photo of her business (and possibly her too) on social media and warn everyone about her – social media is a great tool for calling people out. Good luck but what ever you do, take care of yourself first.

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      1. No she isn’t.
        Why do we allow people like her so much of our energy? Is it our ego: how dare she do/say that to me/us? Who does she think she is? – this is what I do. Then I just reason that if it isn’t me it’s someone else…because it isn’t the people that she is attacking that’s the source, it’s her own misery. People come and go in her world but she has to live in her own skin…every day. How much that must suck.

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      2. It must be a terrible place to occupy. One difference between Bill today and Bill of old is I’ve learned to let things go for the sake of my own mental health

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