Time for a change

I think it’s time to retool my blog. Since I seem to have lost almost all of my original readers and I would like to offer something interesting to my new readers I think it’s time.

As you may or may not know, I began this blog as a therapeutic exercise to keep the boredom of my new life at bay. By new life of course I mean moving in with my mother in 2017 after a divorce, the loss of my job and house. All as a result of a Chronic Illness. I had blogged before on various sites but this time I stuck with it.

I initially started out by venting about how the dramatic and painful changes affected my new life. Eventually I discovered that my posts resonated with some people, mostly those with a Chronic Illness of some sort. In turn, their stories resonated with me also. In addition to posts related to the ongoing issues with my health I also told my life story in a manner that was often described as “brutally honest”. Not my words. But they are true. I held nothing back in the way of baring my soul, and occasionally my ass as I enjoyed the anonymity of the blogosphere. The blog has made me many friends and there are many out there that I can honestly say I deeply care about, some I even consider friends. Saying that about someone you’ve never met is really something, isn’t it?

But I think I’ve told my story. I’ve pontificated about major issues. I’ve sprinkled in fiction and poetry to mixed reviews. Lately I find myself staring at my screen wondering what to write about.

It’s time to get back to my roots. Talk about what’s on my mind. Write a journal that’s open on the table for all to read. Just write, casting format, concern about likes, comments, approval and agreement aside. If you like what I write, let’s have a conversation. If you don’t agree offer a different viewpoint. I welcome your comments, in fact I LOVE comments. It means you actually read it.

There you have it folks, Superman is still here. I’m still looking for a phone book. But until I find it Ol’ Supes is going to just talk about whatever comes to mind.

It’s time to loosen up the old fingers, instead of hovering over the keyboard looking for a great idea I’m just going to let them rip.

30 thoughts on “Time for a change”

  1. That’s what I started doing. At first it was all about MS, but you can only go to that well so often. So now it is all about what is on my mind, and the subject matter is easy to write about. And after this weekend I have have plenty to say.

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  2. I don’t always comment and sometimes I play catch-up with reading but I think you have a great core-group of people who are loyal to you – no small thing Billy. You can cast a bigger net if you want for more or different but try to enjoy the writing and be grateful for those who stick with you no matter what you write.

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  3. Change is good, and I love the free-form stuff, as you know. I’m all about stream of consciousness. I generally have a plan when I start and generally abandon it by sentence 4. 😁

    Wait, what was I saying?

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  4. People stop following and commenting when you stop reading them. This is a two-way street. I know it happened to me. I unfollowed those who never dared to read anything I wrote despite me reading their posts.

    I’m still here, as you see. And I love changes.

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