What’s your word?

I heard a radio host yesterday asking people to call in and define 2019 in one word. “Tumultous”and”chaotic” were used frequently. Myself, I choose “disappointing”.
I am disappointed in our lack of respect for human life as first responders are targeted for death, people are beaten and killed over the color of their skin and innocents are being slaughtered over failed political and religious ideology.
I am disappointed in the pursuit of money, power and belongings at the sake of character, integrity and morality.
I am disappointed in our fascination with celebrity without merit, gossip without respect for boundaries and the idea that bad behavior is acceptable if it accomplishes your selfish agenda.
On a personal note, I am disappointed in myself for losing the optimism I once had so much of, that I let life get to me this year instead of customarily plowing through the pile of horseshit looking for that pony that must be in there somewhere.
I hope that next year is better, if nothing else that people stop being ugly to each other and we start treating each other as brothers and friends we have yet to make. And I hope that I get back my power to create my situation instead of being defined by it. And I hope that anyone who suffered through this post has a great 2020.

What’s your word to describe 2019?

18 thoughts on “What’s your word?”

  1. “Disappointing” on a political scale (although I’m hopeful that the UK will stop now being quite such a shambles and at least get on with things) but personally I feel “consolidated”: my trees are starting to become mature enough to provide firewood, I can get on with planting other interesting edibles, and at least one big construction project at home has made a space in the ‘chinese puzzle’ that has slowed our progress at home.

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  2. My word for 2019 is “OVER.” I can’t help but agree, humans proved to be disappointing. Some of those on a personal level. Damn shame. I’m looking at 2020 as a year I can hopefully positively contribute to the collective whole. I’m done putting my head down, keeping my boundaries up, and my fists at the ready. It’s exhausting. I’m going to be positive, I’ll decide every morning to be that. And if others don’t want to join me… kindly F off! And I’m not watching the damn US news anymore! I’ll seek out world news. I still believe 95% of the population are good people. It’s the 5% who screw up our day! Best to you in 2020, Billy!😊🎉


  3. 2019 was shit for us on a personal level.
    Having read your post, I agree wholeheartedly with your disappointments, and would add one more from over here in the UK:
    Ian Duncan Smith, one of our failed MPs and previous leader of the Con(servative) Party has received a knighthood……………. WTFF? His introduction of revamping the benefits system with his Universal Credit has put thousands into poverty (us included according to the Government website as Hubby lost 60% of his disability allowance) and beyond. The man is a millionaire with no concept of money in the real world or how many lives and people he has destroyed with his ‘brain child’, and what’s more, he couldn’t give a damn.

    On a happier note, I wish you all the best for 2020 Billy.

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