Who, not what, are you?

It’s wonderful to be my age in today’s America. I am old enough to have been raised on solid values, ones that carried generations through a Depression and several wars. Yet I am young enough to be able to relate to the bizarre and often entertaining exploits of today’s younger generations. I’m not yet a dinosaur and I understand a generous 30% of what Gen X’ers and Millenials say and do. I even dare to say that I have acquired wisdom to share with anyone who asks.

Unfortunately, I am also at an age where I am deeply affected by the divided, hostile state my beloved country is in. Being raised in an atmosphere of manners, respect and tolerance I am very bothered by bad behavior, a lack of respect for institutions that I revere, a widespread intolerance of opposing viewpoints and a startling lack of civility and decorum in our disagreements. As one fellow boomer once said to me, “I feel as if my entire being is under attack.”

He’s not wrong. Dialogue has been replaced by shouting. Race relations have regressed by decades. Education has been replaced by soundbites and false information. Respect for differences has been replaced by violence. Morality has been replaced by relativism and history is under attack by revisionist historians. Sadly, instead of finding balance between the established and the progressive, many are reverting to banning that which they find offensive.

We are even banning words.

Maybe I’ll jump on that band wagon.

Let’s start here. I propose we ban the following words.


When you see, talk to,write about, report on, interact with, tell a story about a man or a woman simply report what they did and what happened, who they are, what they stand for, what they believe but not WHAT they are. Identity politics is the bane of our existence and needs to be addressed. The facts don’t care what you identify as unless it is germane to the story and applying a label to a person only sensationalizes, not depicts the situation.

If you choose to just see a man, to just see a woman, the way we look at everything will change. See a HUMAN.

Ask only who you are and what you bring to the table.

Go ahead PC police. I’ve given you the idea, I dare you to run with it.

One race… The human race

One goal… Coexistence