Little things

Sometimes it takes the littlest things in life to make your day. All it takes is the right attitude, a pleasant look on your face and the awareness to look for inspiration in every aspect of your life as you walk the world doing your thing.

Today, it was a friendly cashier at the market. I had a problem with my card and she happily and patiently fixed it for me.

As a bonus, as I was walking out of the store I smiled at a lovely woman as we crossed paths. It flashed through my mind that she was way out of my league. But as we passed we made extended eye contact and she gave me a smile that will tickle my loins for the rest of the day.

Look around you people, the good stuff is out there.

Peace and love to all

21 thoughts on “Little things”

      1. Oh my God Billy I’m so sorry to hear that; I really hope that you’re on the mend now. Sending love and virtual hugs your way my friend and hope to see you in the blogosphere again soon xxxxx

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  1. This is a good reminder that a little change of attitude can greatly improve mt day. I’m lost in my own world too often, and my interaction with the outside world can get passive aggressive without my realizing it, so thanks for this.

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