The End of Faith? — Tom Being Tom

Faith. Many of us have struggled with it our entire lives. Many of us will never truly reconcile the notion of a higher power. Unfortunately, we also fall terribly short in being able to discuss our differences on this complex and polarizing subject.

And then Tom of Tom Being Tom wrote this. Which I will now share for your reading pleasure. Do you follow Tom? If not I only have one question…why wouldn’t you?

I don’t believe in gods. Those of you who know me know that well, and those of you with even a passing sense of who I am probably understand that, too. 38 more words

via The End of Faith? — Tom Being Tom

5 thoughts on “The End of Faith? — Tom Being Tom”

  1. Bill, thank you so much for sharing this one! I’m just getting caught up after a harrowing week (aren’t they all, these day?) and I ran across this scrolling the reader. I have no idea why I didn’t get a “notification” that is was shared. I am honored beyond words that you would not only forward it to your readers, but comment in such a positive way, as well. Thank you, again, for that, and for your readership and friendship! ❤️

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