I trust that each day the sun will rise
that the sparkle will always be in the child’s eyes
I trust that the Spring will bring the rain
that my daily meds will ease my pain

I trust that the people in my life are good
that my intentions are always understood
I trust in my instincts, no matter what
in the unconditional love of a mutt

I trust in the tides
and their consistent ebb and flow
I trust in the beauty of flowers
in Mother Nature and her infinite powers

I trust in so many things
enormous and small
That Hummingbirds be tiny
That the Oak tree be tall

Trust is not given, it must be earned
when violated one always feel burned
My loyalty to you was the best I could do
So why, after all these years…

can I not trust you?




21 thoughts on “Trust”

  1. Well darn. Here I am handing off the edge of my seat reading and loving all the things you do trust, when bam a surprise ending almost found me on the floor. I suspect out there somewhere is the person or persons your last few lines apply to. Here’s hoping they will take to heart the fact that trust is indeed earned, and when lost, hard to ever earn again. However, optimistic me feels that, although it takes earnest can one day be regained. I’m still hanging off my chair, now with fingers and toes crossed!!!!

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    1. thank you for your wonderful feedback Jen, This one came to me while driving and thinking about an event that won’t be named. I trust like I do everything, fully committed. But once lost, it will almost never be regained

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