200 posts

I wrote my first blog post on August 24th of last year. It was not my first attempt at blogging but at that time I had promised myself that I would give it a real shot.

At first, it was difficult, I was showing my ass to the world as I discussed with a faceless, anonymous audience my innermost feelings, beliefs, and vulnerabilities as I entered what I can still call the lowest period of my life. At first, no one read my work. Then, a few people took notice and seemed to gravitate towards my brutally honest but generally positive style. Those people became my reason for keeping on and I now can’t imagine my life without their valued insight and friendship.

It’s not about likes or follows, it is about the cathartic effect of writing, especially when you pour pain to paper and people, maybe just one, gets something out of it.

Thank you for letting Superman fly over your airspace these 200 times, I don’t expect to stop anytime soon.

28 thoughts on “200 posts”

  1. I’m glad you have no intention of stopping. I remember when you ‘celebrated’ your 50th follower. There will be more, much more, because your writing and brutal honesty are intoxicating and people are attracted by your expressing innermost feelings, beliefs, and vulnerabilities.
    Keep up the good work, Super.

    I don’t think I can picture my life without blogging either. I wonder how I had lived without it.

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  2. Congrats on 200 posts. I just added you to my feed, and I don’t remember why but I’m sure I had a good reason and I’m dying to find out what it was.

    200 posts in 10 months seems like a helluva lot of posts, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing the new stuff soon!

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