Modern medicine

I heard a tragic story today.

A man was involved in a terrible car accident. Among his multiple injuries, he lost his penis in the crash.

Once the doctors treated his other injuries and he was stable, they began the difficult conversation of options for his future sexual health. Amazingly, the hospital was one of the few that had performed successful penis transplants so this was presented as an option.

The Doctors explained the process thoroughly to the patient and suggested that he discuss it with his wife. They explained that it was critical that they discuss every aspect of the transplant to avoid further upsetting their lives. Size, length, girth were all important to discuss. The doctors also informed the patient that there was a $10,000 grant available that he and his wife could use for anything they want.

That evening, the wife came to visit and the patient explained all of the criteria given him and ended with the $10,000 bonus. They talked for a while and she left. The patient summoned his doctor.

The doctor entered the room and asked: ” did you and your wife make a decision?”

The patient replied “yes, we did. She’d like to go with Granite Countertops.”

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