Spring is coming


February is my least favorite month of the year. Despite the days getting a bit longer, it tends to be a cold, grey and boring month. Football is over, and I am a fair-weather Basketball and Hockey fan at best. Fortunately, it’s a short month.

We joke in New England that the first snow falls it is a Glorious occasion when all is white and pure, each flake unique and beautiful. By February the very mention of snow has you hurling F-bombs at the TV. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m just sick of winter.

It snowed again last night. The weather forecast last night called for an inch or two so when I woke up to see about 6 inches of powdery aggravation I wasn’t pleased. I would have “geared myself up” for the shoveling, spreading of rock salt and cleaning off cars. Wanting to get it over with, I skipped my morning coffee and went right to it. It was light snow so I made quick work of it. Stopping to gather my breath, I felt warmth in the air. I looked around and I noticed that melting had already started. I took off my hat and gloves and just stood on the deck, staring at the landscape around me. I could feel it, it’s almost over. Spring will be here soon.

Spring is my favorite season. I thrive on warmth and sunlight. I barely tolerate winter, I accept it as a necessary evil if I am to live in this region but the short days and lack of sunlight take a terrible toll. On the first warm day of Spring, I will be found outside face skyward, soaking in the rays like a desert flower after a terrible drought.
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It is New Years Day for Mother Nature, a new beginning as grass turns green, leaves bud on trees, the little critters poke their heads out of hiding, and the Red Sox are in Fort Myers, Florida gearing up for another long season of glorious Baseball.

I can’t think of Spring without thinking of Baseball, and I can’t think of Baseball without thinking fondly of my Dad. When I was a kid, my father was still working his way up the seniority list at his job and he would be laid off almost every Spring. Dad was a Heating Oil Delivery driver and the warm weather meant slow business. I was thrilled to have him around, he worked almost around the clock during the winter. I never saw him. Spring became an association for me. Warm weather, school vacation, Dad is home and we’re gonna watch the Sox.
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Dad and I didn’t have a whole lot in common, but we loved Baseball. He taught me to play and we loved to talk about it. One of my favorite memories was watching games on our 3 season porch on a 19-inch black and white Emerson TV with “rabbit ears” antennae. Dad and I would make sure all of the yard work was done in time to sit down for the game. I would listen to him attentively as he explained the strategy of baseball, his most and least favorite players and why he rated them so. It was the only time he wasn’t bustling about and trying to keep busy. When a game was on he was in his seat, beer in hand and relaxed. Until the Bullpen blew a lead, which happened often, at which time he was not so relaxed. Those were hard times economically, but they were special to me.

Today I saw a glimmer of my favorite season. I see on my Calendar that there are 10 days left of my least favorite month. While March can often suck weather-wise, it can also be a good month. And it is one month closer to Spring. Even though I still have 6-foot snowbanks all around my house, I can almost smell the fresh-cut grass, hear the crack of the bat, the children excitedly cheering each other on. And I can still see Dad, Tanned and sweaty, in his faded Boston Red Sox Hat and wife-beater T-shirt calling me, telling me to “hurry up” before I miss the first pitch.

What I wouldn’t do to hear that just one more time.
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17 thoughts on “Spring is coming”

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that hates the inevitable winter that comes every year! I die a little inside during those months.


  2. By the end of any season, I am ready for the next. I love the advent of winter, and the end. Spring brings a renewal (and I’ve always considered it the start of MY new year), but the end of spring brings summer. I love the summer. Coming home from work and sitting and reading on my deck, sipping a beer, and playing ball with the dog. Pool parties. I’m a big fan of extreme heat. But the end of summer brings fall, and fall brings football. I am so ready for that, by then. We don’t get a lot of snow in these parts, but I do love the rain, and the end of fall (generally) brings the rain (and occasional snow). But not this year. Very little rain. Just short days and coldness and not much to talk about. And football is over. I have to agree with you, February is the worst of all the months.

    I’m ready, my friend, ready to welcome in the sun and warmth once again. Great post!

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  3. Down hear it was four inches, and it is supposed to get close to 70 in a couple of days. Maybe that means you’ll sniff 60. All the way with you regarding winter and February. The days pitchers and catcher repost of Spring training is is my unofficial start of spring.
    Hope your Dad got to see them break the curse in 2004. Also…..Winter Haven??? They moved to Ft Meyers at least a dozen years ago.

    Get to many games nowadays?


  4. I can say the same only the reverse in my part of the world….I am over the heat and long for the cooler weather, admittedly our cool winter never involves snow and occasionally the odd frost but cooler days make life so much more pleasant.


  5. Oh I don’t know…I spoke with my mum yesterday and she told me “March sometimes can be worse than February bcz of the non-stop rain”…i don’t like rain 😭 she knows that :)) she’s one positive mum I’ll tell u 😅😅


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