Goodbye faithful friend

You’ve been struggling for a while. The spring in your step wasn’t quite there. Your deep brown eyes lost a bit of their sparkle. Your playfulness had begun to wane.

We tried to call it a phase. We woke each day hoping that we would see that spark. Occasionally you showed us glimpses of your old self. But you were tired. You were in pain. Life wasn’t fun for you anymore. It eventually began clear to us that you were never going to come out of this.

This last week you provided us with no glimpses of former you. You moved slowly. Your pain was obvious. When you fell on the stairs and needed help to get up we knew that a terrible but necessary decision was made.

It was time to put you to sleep.

For 13 years you were the loyal family dog. You weren’t a pet, my heart can only be this broken for a family member or a dear friend. You were always happy to see me, even when no one else was. You were always by my side so that I never felt alone. When the house was empty, I had wonderful companionship sleeping at my feet. As only a dog could do, your friendship was omnipresent and unconditional. I was one of your pack.

As one of your pack, I vowed that when your time of need came that I would be by your side, tirelessly and unconditionally. That promise was called in today as we woke to find you listless on the kitchen floor. Your sad brown eyes said it all. You were done, you needed relief from your pain and we had to do what was right for you despite how hard it would be for us. We called the veterinarian and asked to bring you in.

I carried you in to the office. You never let me pick you up until today. The waiting room full of people knew why you were there. They avoided eye contact out of respect and the knowledge of what we were there to do. They let us right in and we placed you on a cold metal table. I put your favorite blanket under you. They gave you a sedative and fed you treats until you put your head down. We patted your head and told you what a good boy you are, and have always been. The Dr. asked us if we were ready. Mom was sobbing. I teared up a little. But I held your little paw and stroked your ears in your favorite spot as they shaved a small section of your leg and gave you an injection.

As you stood by me in life, I stood by you at the end of yours.

“He’s gone”, the Dr. gingerly uttered a few moments later. We were asked if we wanted a private moment. I left my mother alone with him. I had said my goodbyes.

He leaves a hole that can never be filled for reasons that can never be explained. I will cherish the memories, for that is all that remains of my loyal, silly, loveable little furry friend. He is in a better place, at peace and free of pain. Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Unlike those of us who wish he was still here.

20 thoughts on “Goodbye faithful friend”

  1. So sorry for your loss Bill. We had to put our pet of 15 years down a few weeks ago and it’s traumatic as hell. Maybe you and Grace can commiserate as she’s going through the same ordeal. It sucks! Thinking of you on this somber occasion


  2. We’ve had to do this with three beloved pups and it never gets easier. Titus just turned ten, and even the thought of not having him around forever is already hard. Sending you my sincerest condolences on the loss of a treasured family member.


  3. I’m really sorry. It hurts so much to lose a pet, I feel your pain. We lost our Buddy two years ago, and everyday we still talk, smile, and laugh about the joyful times we had with him. I treasure those memories. Take care❤️


  4. Oh Billy, so sorry to hear this. They are a member of the family and give us so much more than what they ask for in exchange. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

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  5. I am so sorry for your loss. We have a dog who is near the end and are trying to prepare ourselves for this. It could be tomorrow our he could have a few months. No matter I know I will not be ready.

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  6. Ugh. I am heartsick for you. That is so hard, I know. Our relationships with our beloved animals are so unique – it’s awful when they need to leave us. We are their custodians, their protectors. You did what you had to do.


  7. Oh Billy. I am so, so sorry. We’ve been there too. It’s worse sometimes than losing a family member. Our pets give us everything and we have to do the best by them, putting them first, even though it tears us in two. Rainbow Bridge awaits. ❤


  8. So very sorry, B, you’ll never know how much. He’s not suffering anymore, for that and the 13 years you were ABLE to have together as a loving family, the three of you were blessed. Goodbyes are hard but I assure you that they are not forever💙💙💙


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